2 thoughts on “2018 Summer Farm Share Now Open

  1. LL, i wished to catch you up a little bit – I have obtained three-quart pots, six 10″ high tomato plants (beefsteak & cherry), four zucchini babies, and four green pepper seedlings. I found a good sunny spot & bought the grower’s soil in huge bags. I look forward to having far too many tomatoes not to share, plus the rest…as these grow, I’ll place them where they’ll get some support.
    I may keep that big black tub just to keep gardening supplies in!
    🙂 Carol B

    • Gob smacked in Awe and whirly within-Delight Carol B! So glad to hear the Tub Container is worth keeping!!! So Much Value for Supply inside! Glad to hear intention and choice to “share the flow” and “abundance”. Yo, Go Carol! Just have to say… Honestly…quite honestly, very honestly…I Truly Love your published Blog Carol B! Aptly named…Riding the Light!!! 🙂 (H)

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