What do you get?

  • 5-10 different portions of fresh and/or root veg
  • 1-2 specialty salads and/or fruits
  • Weekly treat (fresh baked bread, raw honey…)
  • Delivery…each week… right to your door.


Why a Winter Veg Share?

  • Choose to have the convenience of food delivered to your door at the coldest, muckiest, and treacherous time of year.
  • Solutions for quick and simplified meal planning.
  • Save on the cost of frequent take out, or help to curb those fast food impulse buys.
  • Know that you are providing your family with healthier choices each and every week.
  • Food security
  • It is an opportunity to be social and fun!

Who is our program for?

  • Average and busy families
  • Aging or mobility limited persons
  • Single or young families
  • People looking for a fresh start on a cold winters day!

Winter Veg Share